Why do I have to register?

We encourage you to register as we would like to have  control over what will be downloaded and who will download our technical materials.


Why is registration profitable?

Registration allows you to gain the access to the technical materials, the overviews of models of a given product type as well as to other helpful documents. These include predominantly CAD drawings, product technical sheets, certificates, compliance declarations, dimensional overviews, crash tests, etc.

If you do not intend to register, it is enough to send us an email with a request for an access to the technical resources with regards to selected products.

Is it possible to be refused the access  or can the previously granted access be withheld?

Such a situation may occur when our staff has detected a misuse. Such incidents include mostly providing false details  or acting to the detriment of the company.


Having registered, will I be sent advertisement?

No, registration in order to receive the access to the technical resources  does not mean being sent the adverts. The only thing which can happen is a contact from our staff to confirm the registration details.


Can I deregister?

Yes, at any time by sending us an email with a request for deregistration.