Wheel guides

They facilitate and accelerate docking to unloading docks



Product description 

The predominant objective for application of the truck wheel guides is to decrease the damage at the loading bridges and platforms while docking.

A truck driver has limited visibility range while reversing to an industrial gate. In order to secure effective and safe loading, it is indispensable to center a vehicle with regards to the loading ramp. While approaching the ramp, the wheels move along the guide and correct the vehicle travel.


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Technical data

Diameter 159mm
Length 2000mm - 2500mm
Resistance class 9-10
Installation Surface mount, installation in concrete
Coating thikness min 60µm
Temperature range -80°C - 95°C


More details in the products datasheet.


Product variants

Diameter O

Length L

Height H

Product code

159 mm

2400 mm

300 mm


159 mm

2400 mm

300 mm