Philipp Sienkiewicz
Philipp Sienkiewicz - CEO


A graduate from the Wrocław Technical University at the faculty of Enterprise Management and Production Engineering, a student of law at the Department of Law and Administration of the Wrocław University, a Ph.D. student of the Upper Silesian Higher School of Commerce. In 2002, while still being a student, he set up the Prosigma company.

He quickly noticed a market niche regarding logistic protection for the industry. Having completed the stages of company development and the prototype production, he started the production of industrial barriers. At the initial stages of the company development, the company received numerous orders from big premises, which confirmed his exceptional market timing, strategic thinking skills and outstanding managerial abilities. Since 2010, he has been holding the position of the CEO of the company Citymetal Grupa Prosigma So. z o.o. Sp. K.

An increasing number of clients as well as territorial diversification has led to the establishment of Citymetal Deutschland UG company in 2012. Since April 2013 a founder of the Association for Polish Entrepreneurial Internationalization (SIPP) dealing with the promotion of Polish Entrepreneurship within foreign markets.

Being responsible for project optimizing, he elaborated an effective business model for the company operations as well as created a software solution for the sales and production process, which increased the efficiency and enhanced the effectiveness of tendering.

He is a permanently invited by the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways for a meeting with a group of the biggest and the most renowned suppliers of road barriers and to the “Europoltech” fair, where a narrow group of entrepreneurs specializing in safety products is invited. He is a permanently invited by the President of the International Fairs of Poznań. He is a regular participant of the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

He is a manager with rich experience in creating and implementation of development strategies for the construction industry in Europe and the World. As the CEO of Laccery he supervises the company’s operations by preparing its development strategy and planning of strategic projects, HR management, investment effectiveness (coordination of project financial evaluation), market communication and PR, running negotiations with foreign partners.

Since February 2015 he has been holding a position of a Managing Member in Laccery Industrial Products LLC and a CEO of the joint-stock company Laccery SA.


 Krzysztof Sienkiewicz - Proxy, Member of the Board of Directors 


A graduate from the Wrocław Technical University – faculty: Civil Engineering.

An experienced manager in the area of industrial building and conservation of monuments.

He gained experience as a designer, was responsible for construction projects within the German and Swiss market. He launched a patent of drying walls by means of electro-injections. Completed projects included XIII c. churches, museums and theatres from XVII c. He managed a team of 120 people in his own company.

He died due to an illness in July 2015.


Edward Łukasik – a member of the Board of Directors

Jarosław Zych – a member of the Board of Directors