Height limiters and gate protection

Protection of spaces and gate guides against raised fork-lift truck masts



Product description

Height limiters allow to decrease the damage caused due to raised fork-lift truck masts. They prove useful in places where the access must be limited due to the height of suspended elements, such as fire installations, ventilation and AC ducts.

Depending on the type of the protected gate or area, clients may choose between suspended and free-standing limiters, also referred to as gate protectors. The first are a simple and economical solution allowing a driver to determine whether the height permits a passage. The second ones, independent constructions, are intended for special applications. Their role is to stop a fork-lift truck in order to prevent any damage. This solution proves to be especially useful when the gate is technically advanced (rapid rise gates, fire gates, thermo gates) and any damage to them would bring about a costly stoppage.





Technical data

Diameter 80mm - 100mm
Height bis 6000mm
Resistance class 0-7
Installation Surface mount, installation in concrete
ISO 7253 0mm after 250h
EN ISO 2409 Gt0
Coating thikness 80-140µm
Temperature range -80°C - 95°C


More details in the products datasheet.


Product variants

Galvanized jib with suspended limiter, standard limitation width 2 m


Suspended limiter with chains, standard limitation width  2 m


Free-standing gate protector for door openings


Gate protector for door openings with support