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Timber barriers

Aesthetic and durable solutions for wall protection



Product description 

Timber barriers remains an excellent type of product to protect internal walls inside logistics and industrial halls.

The product has aesthetic values due to precise timber finishing. Timber from coniferous and deciduous trees is available. The latter one is required for facilities intended for the food-processing industry. The timber is properly impregnated, by which it remains resistant to biocorrosion and fire.

Timber sheer guards are characterized by high score resistance and impact resistance. When a fork-lift truck scratches against a wooden barrier, its body paint gets damaged to a lesser extent while the barrier sustains no traces of scratching at all. In case of permanent damage, the wooden beam may be taken out of the steel fasteners and replaced with a new one.

It is easy to select and assemble the product. The product is characterized by a good value for a running distance.


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Technical data

Beam dimensions 8" x 4"
Length 12" - 48" (- 95"*)
Resistance class 6-8
Installation Surface mount
ISO 7253 0mm after 250h
EN ISO 2409 Gt0
Coating thikness 100-200µm
Temperature range -58°F - 203°F
Timber type Coniferous, deciduous
Fire resistance C-s2,d0 - B-s3, d0
Resistance to molds Yes
Resistance to Hylotrupes larvae Yes


More details in the products datasheet.


Product variants


Product code

Final element C


Intermediate element H


Corner element T


Beem 8" x 4" x 48"
Impregnated pine timber