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VibroProtect™ hygienic wall protection

Hygienic wall protection for the food-processing industry



Product description 

Cavity walls for industry sustain damage quite frequently. This is an undesirable situation when the highest hygienic standards must be maintained. This refers especially to the structures applicable in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical one. In case of the first, walls inside cooling chambers, along the corridors and walls located within the closest vicinity of production in progress are protected. The latter case includes typical transportation areas as well as the so called "cleanrooms" requiring a special degree of protection.

Hygienic plinths are manufactured from solid mass, resistant to acids and other chemicals as well as corrosion. The plinths may be applied in the venues where the strictest hygienic standards must be observed, i.e. on the walls, at free-standing structural columns, near the wall poles or the edges of stairs. Contrary to the majority of products, the plinths protect walls against the body of a transportation device but also against its forks which bring about most damage. The product is also available in a stainless-steel version.

The special shape of the plinths ameliorates its hassle-free maintenance, by which it reduces bacterial growth.

Bollard posts covered with plastics and flexible wall shock absorbers are available on offer as well. A warning post provides protection against crashing and scratching in locations where such a threat occurs, for example at the doors, walls and columns. The round shape of the product contributes to a limited bacterial growth . Flexible protection provides an excellent degree of safety against hitting and scratching the walls and corners. It is easy to clean and is characterized by an elegant shape and coloring apart from its hygienic properties.






Technical data

Raw material Hygienic acrylic composite without glass fiber
Surface Smooth, colored mass or stainless steel
Installation Food-safe adhesive
Temperature range -40°F - 194°F
Bacterial resistance Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia Coli
Chemical resistance NaOH 10%, H2SO4 10%, HCL 10%, C3H8O, C2H6O, C3H8O3, H2O 90°C
Absorption 48 h +24°C 0.6%
Impact strength 13,77 Kj/m2


More details in the products datasheet.


Product variants




Product code

1000 x 31,7 mm KU1000
300 x 31,7 mm KU300
165 x 50 mm KO165
150 x 28,7 mm KU150
100 x 26,7 mm KU100
200 mm DK200
75 x 75 mm x 1500 mm KUDK1500

fi 140 mm

150 mm


fi 170 mm

300 mm


fi 220 mm

300 mm

405 x 50 mm HBKO405
400 x 50 mm HBKU400
315 x 50 mm HBKO315
300 x 50 mm HBKU300
515 x 50 mm HBKO515S
500 x 50 mm HBKU500S
315 x 50 mm HBKO315S
300 x 50 mm HBKU300S
1000 mm DUBA Sensor
1000 mm DUBA V
1000 mm DUBA
75 x 50 mm EDK50