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Concrete bumpers

Versatile product with high aesthetic properties to separate traffic routes



Product description 

Concrete bumpers remain durable and aesthetic devices intended to organize road traffic.

They prove most effective to protect the facades against vehicles. Not only do they protect the walls but also restrict unauthorized parking. They may be displaced, which proves to be very useful when traffic arrangement must be altered. It was just to meet the needs from the parking lots that a product combining a concrete post and the basis of a road sign has been introduced, which prevents the road sign posts from being damaged.

Similar to the product application at parking lots nearby commercial premises, counteracting to unauthorized parking makes the bumpers be applied along public roads as well, where, placed along the sidewalks, they serve their purpose.





Technical data

Material Portland Zement 42,5R
Raw material C40/50 EN 206-1
Resistance class 1-7
Installation Mounted on the surface, may be anchored
External texture granite grit, quartz grit, marble chips 
Diameter 9 1/2" - 16 1/2"
Height 8 1/2" - 38"
Weight 11 st - 50 st


More details in the products datasheet.


Product variants





Product code

63 cm

75 cm

240 kg


30 cm

82 cm

89 kg


30 cm

60 cm

93 kg


30 cm

60 cm

65 kg


40 cm

77 cm

165 kg


46 cm

61 kg

175 kg


40 cm

82 cm

160 kg


37 cm

60 cm

105 kg