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Laccery is a manufacturer of asset protection products that has been operating and successfully developing on the market of construction products since 2002. The company has gained a high degree of specialty with regards to logistic protections for the general industry and construction industry.

Laccery remains the leader within the Polish and European markets among manufacturers of industrial barriers, which places the brand in a very high competitive position.

Since the beginning of its operations the company has focused on the its strength and competitiveness by the implementation of modern technologies, elaboration of a complete product portfolio and by the implementation of a sofisticated IT solution. At every stage of project preparation and implementation, professionalism acquired through many years of the company’s operations remains the predominant objective.

Currently Laccery sells its products to 25 countries, which include: Poland, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Monaco, Luxemburg, Italy and Turkey.

The company still participates in tenders to construct subsequent commercial galleries and centers and serves industrial companies operating within various sectors of the economy. Laccery employs highly specialized personnel, which allows to maintain high technological standards and the best product quality.


The expansion on markets on two continents accompanied by a high brand recognition acknowledges a strong company position with a potential for its further growth.